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Five Reasons to be Loud and Proud About Your Plastic Surgery

Houston Plastic Surgeon By Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr.

Why is it that many people feel the need to keep their cosmetic procedures to themselves? Although expensive gym memberships and designer cosmetic lines are high-dollar purchases to brag about, we often shy away from discussing the expert help found with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Starting today, it is time to change the conversation. Whether you are seeking a cosmetic procedure purely for aesthetic desires, or for a health-related reason, the plastic surgery process is nothing to be ashamed of. Take a look at the top five reasons to be proud of your plastic surgery, and see if you agree.

1. You just took a positive step that will increase self-esteem and confidence.
Research has shown that cosmetic procedures, both large and small, can dramatically improve self-esteem. Taking time out for yourself, with any self-improvement technique, can boost mental health. At the plastic surgeon’s office, be it liposuction to bid adieu to ‘love handles’ or Botox Cosmetic to reduce Crow’s Feet, aesthetic techniques can restore confidence in your appearance. This newly found joy will then spread to other aspects of your life.

2. No one has the right to tell you what you can and can’t do with your body.
The choice for plastic surgery is totally up to you. Never consider an aesthetic procedure for anyone else’s benefit. Conversely, do not let someone else’s negative comments about your choice for a cosmetic procedure get you down. There will always be those people who think they know what’s best, so let the haters hate. Those newly improved contours from your breast augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift will make your clothing fit better and give you a renewed sense of self.

3. You are taking full benefit of the innovative beauty industry - just like everyone else.
Cosmetic surgery is a vital part of the beauty business, along with high dollar makeup lines and cosmeceuticals. In principle, partaking in these vanity industries is a common and highly effective way to take care of your body. Anything less is neglecting your physical needs. Bringing out our best with plastic surgery is not unhealthy, as long as it is part of a total self-care package under the care of an experienced, board-certified professional.

4. Fixing insecurities can help you focus on your strengths.
Looking into the mirror, it is sometimes hard to see past our perceived imperfections, which can ultimately drag us down. Sometimes, the things we cannot easily overlook can be fixed, allowing us a chance to better zone in on our best features. For example, a tummy tuck can eliminate that post-baby ‘muffin top’, restoring a gorgeous, curvaceous figure.

5. Women need to stand together.

Objectification is a battle that all women face, no matter their race or socioeconomic status. However, men are not the only bad guys; women can be catty and cruel, as well. By standing up and sharing your personal cosmetic surgery experience, you are telling the world it is OK to care about your appearance. This will not only take the power away from the narrow minds, but it can also give your fellow ladies courage to seek out the best for their own body - just like you have!

Looking for a plastic surgeon you can put your trust in? Houston’s Dr. Paul Vitenas has close to 30 years of experience in plastic surgery and noninvasive aesthetic procedures. Let him guide you through the process of picking the right technique to meet your individual aesthetic needs. Call Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery at 281.484.0088 or fill out our online Contact Us form.