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Patient Case Study: Upper Blepharoplasty

As time goes on, gravity starts to take an effect on our faces whether we like it or not! The skin over the eyes tends to become heavy and bothersome for women in their 40’s. This lovely 46-year-old, mother of 2, started to notice that her eyes have become tired. Despite using the best eye creams, getting 8 full hours of sleep, or drinking a large cup of coffee, her eyes would not open up!

Finally, she decided it was time to look for other options to brighten up her look. She had a great relationship with Dr. Mahony, who had performed other procedures for her, and did not hesitate to book a consultation to discuss blepharoplasty (eyelid) surgery. The two had a great chat, got caught up on life and of course, reviewed all the benefits of blepharoplasty surgery. Dr. Mahony, as always, wanted to know her goals and expectations. It looked like this would be a home-run for her!

These photos were taken only 4 weeks after surgery! The skin of the eyelids heals astonishingly fast, and the incision is hidden in the crease of the eyelid. In the end, she achieved the awake and youthful look that signifies exactly the way she feels!

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