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Patient Case Study: Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover
34 year old woman 100lbs 5’0”
Breast Augmentation: Ideal, 220cc, Submuscular, Inframammary incision
Tummy Tuck: Vertical Scar

This 34-year-old mother of three decided it was finally time to treat her body to a Mommy Makeover. She decided she was done having children, so it was time to get her pre-baby body back. After having kids, she felt like her breasts were not as perky as before. She states her breasts have lost a lot of volume and the skin has become very loose. This change in breast tissue is very common after having children. Also, she noticed that her stomach was not as flat as it once was. After having children, the muscles of the abdomen can separate, making it hard to get a nice flat tummy!

Wanting to achieve a flat stomach and perky breasts, she requested a consultation with Dr. Mahony. She was attracted to Dr. Mahony’s education and credentials and was also impressed with the before and after photos of the other Mommy Makeovers.

After the consultation, both Dr. Mahony and the patient decided the best choice for this patient would be tummy tuck surgery to help improve her abdomen, and breast augmentation surgery to add volume to her breasts! This patient chose to go with the IDEAL implant because she liked the safety of it being saline, and the fact that it feels natural like gel implants. And, no risk of silent ruptures!

This patient received the 220cc IDEAL implant, in the sub-muscular position. Her incision was placed underneath the breast fold, which works out great because you cannot even see it! In this specific case, this patient chose a vertical incision tummy tuck. This technique is designed for ladies who don’t have a lot of loose skin but do have very loose tummy muscles. It allows for the maximal muscle tightening yet it does not remove as much skin as a traditional Tummy Tuck. For this reason, there is a small vertical scar just at the junction of the horizontal incision.

These photos were taken only 2.5 months after surgery, and the patient is better than ever! She has gone from a 32B to a 34C, and she has dropped a pant size! She feels confident now that she has a small tummy, and perky breasts like she had before children!

Contact Dr. Ellen Mahony at (203) 221-0102 to set up your Mommy Makeover consultation today!