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Dissolve Fat With Kybella!

Dr. Miguel DelgadoBy Miguel Delgado, M.D.

With the advent of selfies and Skype, people are more aware of pockets of fat that rest under the chin. Some patients are looking for non-surgical resolutions to improve their profile.

The FDA has approved many injectables for different applications for the cosmetic patient.

The face loses fullness from aging and or weight loss. As the facial tissue thins, lines form around mouth, nose and cheeks. Dermal fillers replace volume and smooth out wrinkles, plump up lips and restore a youthful appearance.

Botox is a popular injectable that diminishes wrinkles between the eyes, forehead and crow’s feet.

Now we have Kybella, a naturally occurring molecule that melts fat under the chin! That’s right! Many patients do not want surgery and can’t afford any downtime.

Dissolve Fat

At this time, the only area approved for Kybella treatment is under the chin. Usually, more than one treatment will be needed, and they are to be scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart. Not everyone will get the same results.

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable that can dissolve fat. Patients need to have good skin quality to be candidates for this treatment. The choice of an injector is also very important. If an R.N. or physician’s assistant does the injections, you want to be sure they are under the supervision of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.