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Average Costs of Breast Reconstruction

According to the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, the average fees for breast reconstruction is:

    Implant alone: $2,841.00


    Tissue Expander: $3,413.00


    Back Flap procedure: $5,646.00


    TRAM Flap procedure: $7,088.00


    Microsurgical Free Flap procedure: $9,315.00


    Tattoo Nipple Area: $600.00


    Nipple Reconstruction: $2,000.00

These fees do not include anesthesiologists costs, hospital or surgical facility costs, prescription costs, post-op garments, or medical tests.

Average total cost of TRAM flap reconstructions is $19,607.00 (range from $11,948 to $49,402).
The average total cost of breast implant reconstructions is $15,497.00 (range from $6,422 to $40,015).

Most health insurance companies do cover the cost of breast reconstruction after mastectomy. In 1998, the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act was passed, which requires all health insurance providers who cover mastectomy procedure to also cover the costs of breast cancer reconstruction for mastectomy patients.

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