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Dr. Ellen Mahony: Before and After Breast Implants

Dr. Ellen Mahony: Breast Augmentation

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40yo, G2P2, 6’0”, 170lbs R: 335cc Ideal L: 375cc Ideal 36C-36 DD This extremely fit and active lady works hard for her athletic figure, but she noticed the one area that she wanted to improve upon could not be fixed with exercise. She wanted a fuller bust and she wanted to fix some of her asymmetry. Breast augmentation surgery had been on her mind for many years, and she finally decided this was the time to treat herself. One thing she knew for sure was the importance of finding a highly experienced and board certified plastic surgeon, and for her own comfort-- she knew she wanted a female doctor. After viewing Dr. Mahony’s breast augmentation before and after photos and researching her experience and education, she made an appointment right away. Dr. Mahony was happy to answer all the questions she had about the procedure and recovery in detail. Together they decided that the 335-375cc Ideal implant would be the best implant choice because it allows for more flexibility in the fill of the implant to fix asymmetry, and it is very safe because it is saline. Sometimes a patient’s recovery following breast augmentation is so quick it even surprises us. She felt so good she wanted to get back to playing volleyball immediately! She went from a size 36C to a size 36DD and her results went beyond her expectations!. She still feels and looks athletic BUT, now she feels more feminine, confident and SEXY! Why not? Give us a call at 203-221-0102 to set up your Breast Augmentation consultation today!

Before and After Breast Augmentation Photos courtesy of Dr. Ellen Mahony, a board certified female plastic surgeon 131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut 06880. Ask Dr. Mahony a question regarding cosmetic surgery or schedule a consultation at (203) 221-0102. Learn more about Dr. Mahony.
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