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Dr. Ellen Mahony

Connecticut Plastic SurgeonAttention to detail is essential when it comes to aesthetic improvement of the face and body. Board-certified Connecticut plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen Mahony focuses on the details in her relationships with patients and in every procedure she performs. She prides herself on providing a modern approach to classic beauty through advanced surgical techniques, delivered in an environment of respect and support.

Dr. Mahony understands that rewarding outcomes stem from a doctor-patient relationship that is built upon open communication and trust. She takes the time to truly listen to her patients and devotes her complete attention to achieving their unique goals. She understands that having confidence in your appearance can translate into confidence in all that you do.


Ellen Mahony, MD, Inc.

131 Kings Highway North

Westport, Connecticut 06880

Phone: (203) 221-0102


Breast Augmentation Facelift
Breast Lift Brow Lift
Combination Augmentation and Lift Neck Lift
Breast Reduction Eyelid Lift
Corrective Breast Surgery Ear Surgery
Implant Removal Chin and Cheek Implants
Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)   Lip Enhancement
Mommy Makeovers Hair Transplantation
Daddy Makeovers BOTOX® Cosmetic
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Injectable Fillers
Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) - JUVÉDERM
Liposuction - Restylane
Body Lift - Radiesse
Skin Resurfacing - Collagen
Thigh Lift Chemical Peels
Buttock Lift  Fat Transfer

Dr. Mahony’s impressive abilities are built upon a solid education and rigorous training at respected medical institutions. Highlights include:

  • Bachelor’s of Science Degree: Physical Therapy, University of Connecticut
  • Master’s Degree: International Health Care, Yale University Graduate School
  • Medical Degree: University of Pennsylvania
  • Residency: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University of Pennsylvania
  • Fellowship: Hand and Microsurgery, University of Pennsylvania

Professional Certification & Associations
Dr. Mahony is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Patients in Connecticut should be pleased to discover that she is a member of The American College of Surgeons, The American Society for Aesthetic Surgery, The American Medical Association, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and The American College of Sports Medicine.

Breast Enhancement Procedures
The breasts can be one of the most feminine body features. Dr. Mahony helps every breast enhancement patient who visits her in Connecticut attain breasts that reflect their unique beauty, personality, and goals. She understands that these are all very personal and individual matters, and deserve a thorough understanding. Dr. Mahony helps women attain the breast size and shape they desire through a variety of breast procedures including:

  • Breast enlargement
  • Corrective breast surgery
  • Breast lift
  • Breast reduction
  • Male breast reduction
  • Body Sculpting

While many people work hard to achieve the body they desire, this goal is often beyond their control. Dr. Mahony performs a variety of body sculpting procedures including tummy tucks, body lifting, and liposuction in Connecticut to provide improvements that cannot be attained on your own.

Facial Procedures
Your face should reflect the youthful energy you have inside while retaining a natural look. When it comes to facial surgery, Dr. Mahony focuses on enhancing your assets and minimizing the signs of aging. She will educate you about the many facial procedures she offers and help you select the ones that will best reveal your inner beauty. Popular choices include:

  • Face lift
  • Neck lift
  • Brow lift
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Mommy Makeovers

Because pregnancy and motherhood affect the appearance of a woman’s face, breasts, and body in different ways, Dr. Mahony offers Mommy Makeovers that are as unique as each mom herself. She can help new and experienced moms radiate a young and healthy appearance by beautifying the breasts, body, and face. You can visit her practice in Connecticut for breast enlargement, a breast lift, a tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, liposuction, and many other procedures that can help you look fantastic and feel satisfied and confident.

Skin Care
Whether you’d like to look younger and more vibrant tonight, with no downtime, or you’d like to enhance the improvements from your facial cosmetic surgery procedure, Dr. Mahony offers quick, effective skin care solutions including a variety of relaxers and volumizers: BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport (the Botox alternative) and a wide range of injectable fillers, and chemical peels.

Patient Testimonials

Dear Ellen, I am writing this letter to formally thank you for not only the surgery you performed (that I am very happy with!), but also for your help, guidance and professional manner in which you handled all of our meetings. From our first consultation prior to surgery, I found you easy to talk to. In no way at any time did you make me feel that you were in a rush to see someone else, or that I was just another person to collect money from. I believe that the care with which patients are handled is just as important as the actual procedures that are performed on them. Your skills as a medical professional, as well as your demeanor in handling your patients is to be highly commended. I am very pleased with the outcome of both my breast augmentation and my liposuction, and I will surely recommend you to others. I will also be happy to continue to be a reference for you. Sincerely, Kathy

Dr Mahony, I have on tape a rendition of the Kore Chant which repeats, “She changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes.” Every time I hear this I am reminded of you. You have a gift lady, and awesome gift. Your skill as a surgeon is a part of this gift however your candor, humor, accessibility and spirit is an equal if not larger part. I have thought about this surgery for a long time, I have wanted it for years but it was not until I walked into your office and met you that I felt I could truly do it. Thank you! I do not expect you to wear this charm, but please put it somewhere (key ring, bulletin board) to remind yourself that you are indeed a goddess who “changes everything she touches.” Thank you for ‘touching’ me. Dee

Ellen, Thank you so much for the great job you done. I’m so happy with these puppies! Again I say no one can say “boobs don’t mean anything!” Thanks so much. Tamara

Dr. Ellen A. Mahony, I wanted to say thank you, I felt very comfortable going into surgery knowing your sensitivity and skill as a very good doctor! You are the best! Robert

Dear Ellen, Thank you for the new and gorgeous lower-shape figure. Your talent and patient care are exemplary. Please know I will recommend you every chance I get. I can’t wait for the facial procedure! Claire

Dear Dr. Mahony, Thank you so much for generously taking me on. I am so excited. I’m about to look good in pants and a straight skirt, short if I want for the first time in my life. Sincerely, Corrine

Dr. Mahony, I just wanted to say “thank you” for everything! It’s nice to know that you care so much about your patients. You made it so comfortable for me to express my feelings and explain my reasoning’s for this surgery! You are a terrific doctor and a very special person. I hope to see you again somewhere in the future. Thanks, Heather

Dear Ellen, Thanks for helping me through all of the mixed emotions I had about this decision. You were really caring and supportive, and now that it’s done, I feel great! Keep up your positive attitude - it really makes a difference! Sandy

Dear Ellen, Thank you for all your care. You are an excellent doctor and a beautiful and classy lady! Good luck and God Bless. Love, Val

Dear Dr Mahony, Many thanks for all your kindness and patience you’ve shown to me while under your care. It is something I shall never forget and if I need another operation you can be sure I will call on you. Lots of luck in your new adventure and I am sure it will be a great success. Sincerely, Ann

Dear Ellen, I am so glad that we were brought together! And my face is most grateful! With affection, Anne

Dr. Mahony, I wanted to take the time to extend my warm wishes and gratitude. I had a breast reduction and lift in May 2001. The results are amazing! I was impressed with your kind manner and genuine concern (I was terrified, but you were very comforting). The decision to pursue the surgery was very hard at first, but I felt so much better after my consultation. Two years later, the changes to my self-esteem and confidence are astounding. I am more self-assured and not so paranoid about my figure. This has prompted me to improve my overall health – I exercise and lift weights regularly, and have lost weight. Most of all, I lost the shame that kept me from doing everyday things like undressing in front of my soon-to-be husband (wedding planned for October 2nd!!!). Again, best wishes for your move, and many thanks for your professionalism and caring! Jennifer

Dearest Dr. Mahony, Although as of today’s date it has only been 20 days since my Abdominoplasty, I wanted to let you know how much I value the simple things in life – I am finally able to wear a seat belt comfortably and for the first time in over 5 years I am wearing a dress! Dr. Mahony, from our very first consult until today you have been nothing but considerate, kind, sweet, compassionate, down to earth, funny and just all around a wonderful human being! You are my hero! Love, Beatrice