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An Up-to-Date Guide to Fat Reduction for Men and Women

Houston Plastic Surgeon By Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr.

Fat reduction remains one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed every year. While the technique is popular for both men and women, different genders are not necessarily looking for improvements in the same areas. Men generally accumulate unwanted fatty tissue along the flanks, or ‘love handles’. Women deal with lumpy fat in multiple areas including the stomach, inner and outer thighs, as well as the hips and flanks. Regardless of the treatment area, modern techniques and cutting-edge technology have changed the fat reduction game.

Liposuction – Traditional, Surgical Fat Reduction:
Liposuction has been around since the mid-1970s. It is a tried and true method of eliminating isolated pockets of fatty tissue that do not respond well to diet and exercise. Liposuction is a dependable technique for body sculpting, used by surgeons to meticulously contour areas of the body. The results from liposuction can be dramatic and are long-lasting, as the eliminated fat cells will not return.

However, good results from liposuction will depend on several factors including the treatment area, the individual patients, and the surgeon’s qualifications. “Liposuction is a very delicate procedure,” says South Carolina plastic surgeon, Dr. Jarrod Daniel. “You need to have that done by someone who is very experienced.” Patients who chose a novice surgeon may find their results to be uneven, bumpy, and asymmetrical, especially in more difficult-to-treat areas like the outer thighs.

CoolSculpting – Modern, Noninvasive Fat Reduction:
The newest fat elimination treatment on the market, CoolSculpting, does not require any incisions, sutures, or downtime. The technique only takes an hour to perform and surgeons boasting DualSculpting capabilities (two CoolSculpting machines) can treat multiple areas at one time. Since the painless procedure is performed in a treatment room, without anesthesia, patients are back to their normal routine immediately, unlike the recovery period required with liposuction.

CoolSculpting reduces fatty tissue along almost any area of the body including the abdomen, thighs, flanks, lower back, upper arms, and even the chin. It takes several months for the fat cells to be eliminated by the body, however, which is a drawback to the CoolSculpting procedure. Additionally, the results are generally more moderate than with liposuction, as each CoolSculpting procedure produces roughly a 20% reduction in fat. While CoolSculpting has specialized applicators, tailored to each area of the body, doctors do not have the same ability to contour targeted locations, as they do with liposuction.

A Dollar for Dollar Cost Comparison:
Liposuction can cost between $7,000 and $15,000 depending on the treatment area and level of correction needed. The price includes the operating room, anesthesiologist fees, compression garment and follow-up appointments. CoolSculpting may not bring the same dramatic results as liposuction, but it is more cost effective. On average, CoolSculpting can cost from $800-$2,000 for one treatment area. However, for patients wanting more than one CoolSculpting procedure, the cost variable becomes much smaller.

Finding the Right Fat Elimination Procedure for You:
The best way to determine which fat reduction treatment will best achieve your desired results is to schedule a consultation appointment with a top plastic surgeon. Dr. Paul Vitenas has 25 years of fat elimination experience and has performed hundreds of successful procedures. For patient convenience, The Houston Surgery Center, Dr. Vitenas’ private surgical suite, is located in the same building as is his luxurious overnight recovery room. Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery also offers patients the option of DualSculpting, and the latest CoolAdvantage applicator for noninvasive fat elimination treatments that take only 35 minutes.

Call Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery at (281) 484-0088 to schedule your complimentary fat elimination consultation today.