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Oregon Plastic Surgeons

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Photo of Dr. Mark Jewell
Dr. Mark Jewell
10 Coburg Rd #300 Eugene, OR 97401
Photo of Dr. Yale Popowich
Dr. Yale Popowich
140 NW 14th Avenue Portland, Oregon 97209

Oregon Plastic Surgeons
If you are thinking about breast implants, liposuction, nose surgery, you want a board certified plastic surgeon who can provide beautiful, natural results. .

There is a lot of cosmetic surgery information out there and it can be difficult to sort through. We offer a plastic surgery guide, information on breast surgery, face surgery , and body contouring. To view results of actual patients, check out the before and after photo galleries.

Plastic Surgeons Location
Edwin N Austin, MD Salem, OR
Michael E Balkovich, MD Portland, OR
Douglas F Berry, MD Bend, OR
Douglas A Bitter, MD Eugene, OR
Michael F Bohley, MD Portland, OR
Geoffrey H Buncke, MD Lake Oswego, OR
Richard C Busby, MD Portland, OR
Clifford S Canepa, MD Portland, OR
Bruce Carter, MD Salem, OR
Gregory L Combs, MD Portland, OR
R. Garr Cutler, MD Eugene, OR
Lee B Daniel, MD Eugene, OR
Ronald V DeMars, MD Portland, OR
Thomas M Dreyer, MD Eugene, OR
Gary L Gallagher, MD Bend, OR
Aaron D Gorin, MD Tualatin, OR
Lloyd D Hale, MD Tualatin, OR
Juliana E Hansen, MD Portland, OR
Richard C Havard, MD Corvallis, OR
Margo S Herron, MD Ashland, OR
John R Jarrett, MD Eugene, OR
Robert M Jensen, MD Medford, OR
Mark L Jewell, MD Eugene, OR
James A Kilgore, MD Tualatin, OR
Howard N Korn, MD Corvallis, OR
Charles D Layman, MD Portland, OR
Linda J Leffel, MD Bend, OR
Dann K Leonard, MD Salem, OR
Louis H McCraw, MD Portland, OR
Marcus W Melvin, MD Portland, OR
Reid V Mueller, MD Portland, OR
Tuan A Nguyen, MD, DDS Portland, OR
William Nisbet, MD, MS Salem, OR
Earl H Parrish, MD Medford, OR
Dr. Yale Popowich Portland
Eugene R Perrin, MD Portland, OR
Gregory K Roduner, MD Portland, OR
Elizabeth J Stone, MD, MPH Portland, OR
Kathleen A Waldorf, MD, FACS Portland, OR
Bruce R Webber, MD Portland, OR
Michael J Wheatley, MD Portland, OR
Karl O Wustrack, MD West Linn, OR
H. Daniel Zegzula, MD Portland, OR