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North Carolina

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Photo of Dr. Michael Law
Dr. Michael Law
10941 Raven Ridge Road, Suite 103 Raleigh, North Carolina 27614

North Carolina Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons
Searching for a highly qualified plastic surgeon in North Carolina? The surgeon you choose is the number one factor in how satisfied you will be with your experience and your outcome. Our exclusive list of plastic surgeons are exceptionally skilled. All of these doctors are board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. They specialize in cosmetic plastic surgery. Many also have experience in reconstructive surgery.

Find the best doctor, learn about plastic surgery fees, and view before and after photos. To get the best results from your procedure, educate yourself on the latest choices for breast, body, and face procedures.

Plastic Surgeons Location
Monique Lisa Abner, MD Charlotte, NC
Damon Anagnos, MD Chapel Hill, NC
Louis C Argenta, MD Winston-Salem, NC
Victor K Au, MD Burlington, NC
W Byron Barber, II, MD Greensboro, NC
Michael E Beasley, MD Charlotte, NC
Edward J Bednar, MD Charlotte, NC
David C Best, MD Greensboro, NC
William J Bicket, MD Matthews, NC
David M Bowers, MD Greensboro, NC
John G Briggs, Jr, MD Fayetteville, NC
Robert T Buchanan, MD Highlands, NC
Kenneth P Bullard, MD Charlotte, NC
T David Burapavong, MD High Point, NC
Arthur M Calabretta, MD, MBA Charlotte, NC
Peter J Capizzi, MD Huntersville, NC
Antonio M Carbonell, MD Morehead City, NC
Richard E Carlino, MD Raleigh, NC
Walter H Caulfield, MD Shelby, NC
Jeffrey Church, MD, DDS Wilmington, NC
W Gerald Cochran, MD , MPH Lexington, NC
Eric L Cole, MD Chapel Hill, NC
Mary Ann Contogiannis, MD Greensboro, NC
Donald R Conway, MD Asheville, NC
Ralph F Cozart, MD Supply, NC
Richard E Cummings, MD Kinston, NC
Lynn Damitz, MD Chapel Hill, NC
Lisa R David, MD Winston-Salem, NC
Vartan A Davidian, Jr, MD Raleigh, NC
Glenn M Davis, MD, FACS Raleigh, NC
Howard Dawkins, MD Greenville, NC
Susan Dean, MD Mooresville, NC
Anthony J DeFranzo, Jr, MD Winston-Salem, NC
Jeffrey A Ditesheim, MD Charlotte, NC
Felmont F Eaves, III, MD Charlotte, NC
Eric T Emerson, MD Shelby, NC
John A Fagg, MD Winston-Salem, NC
Claude T Falls, MD Lincolnton, NC
Sandra J Fearrington, MD Durham, NC
Dale E Fell, MD Asheville, NC
Victor S Ferrari, MD Charlotte, NC
J Lynne Garrison, MD Greenville, NC
Gregory S Georgiade, MD Durham, NC
Stanley B Getz, Jr, MD Charlotte, NC
Athina A Giannopoulos, MD Durham, NC
Robert G Graper, MD Charlotte, NC
Laura A Gunn, MD Durham, NC
Guido P Gutter, MD Durham, NC
Paul P Gwyn, Jr, MD Winston-Salem, NC
Donald P Hanna, MD Cary, NC
Robin J Hennessy, MD Charlotte, NC
Stephen M Herring, MD, DDS Fayetteville, NC
Rhett C High, MD Raleigh, NC
Michael E Hill, MD, PhD Goldsboro, NC
Geoffrey Hilliard, MD, PhD Cary, NC
George R Hoerr, MD Winston-Salem, NC
Howard Holderness, Jr, MD Greensboro, NC
Charles S Hultman, MD Chapel Hill, NC
David H Humphreys, MD Asheville, NC
Joseph P Hunstad, MD Charlotte, NC
William E Jacobs, MD Charlotte, NC
Charles R Kays, DMD, MD Wilmington, NC
Gilson J Kingman, MD Winston-Salem, NC
M Lee Kirsch, MD Winston-Salem, NC
Russell Kitchens, MD Greensboro, NC
David F Klein, MD Concord, NC
Janice Fay Lalikos, MD Greenville, NC
William A Lambeth, III, MD Raleigh, NC
Verne C Lanier, Jr, MD Durham, NC
Dr. Michael M. Law Raleigh
L Scott Levin, MD Durham, NC
Thomas G Liszka, MD Charlotte, NC
W Glenn Lyle, MD Raleigh, NC
Gregory A Mantooth, MD Hickory, NC
Malcolm W Marks, MD Winston-Salem, NC
David C Matthews, MD Charlotte, NC
Frank B McCutcheon, MD Asheville, NC
Noel B McDevitt, MD Pinehurst, NC
James M McDonough, MD Asheville, NC
Joseph A Molnar, MD, PhD Winston-Salem, NC
Christopher J Morea, MD Raleigh, NC
William F Mullis, MD Charlotte, NC
Daniel T Ness, MD Gastonia, NC
Dennis B Nicks, MD Wilmington, NC
Donald L Oschwald, Jr, MD Raleigh, NC
William L Overstreet, III, MD Hendersonville, NC
Frederick K Park, MD Rocky Mount, NC
Thomas G Pottle, MD Wilmington, NC
David S Reid, MD High Point, NC
Edward J Ricciardelli, MD Wilmington, NC
Ronald Riefkohl, MD Durham, NC
Jean-Pierre Riou, MD Cornelius, NC
Richard P Rizzuti, MD Greenville, NC
Thomas J Rojy, Jr, MD Jacksonville, NC
Gregory L Ruff, MD Durham, NC
Roger B Russell, MD Raleigh, NC
Robert H Schnarrs, MD Elizabeth City, NC
Andrew M Schneider, MD Winston-Salem, NC
Donald Serafin, MD Durham, NC
James N Shearer, MD Charlotte, NC
Steven A Siciliano, MD Hickory, NC
Gerald M Sloan, MD Chapel Hill, NC
Kevin L Smith, MD Charlotte, NC
Joan M Stets, MD Durham, NC
Philip A Strawther, MD Hunterville, NC
Ellis Tavin, MD Charlotte, NC
Benson E L Timmons, IV, MD Shelby, NC
Peter L Tucker, MD Charlotte, NC
Scott L Tucker, MD Winston-Salem, NC
Vincent E Voci, MD Charlotte, NC
Gary M Walker, MD Greensboro, NC
Paul A Watterson, MD Charlotte, NC
Kenneth S White, MD Wilmington, NC
Virgil V Willard, II, MD High Point, NC
Richard R W Winters, MD New Bern, NC
William A Wooden, MD Greenville, NC
John H Wright, Jr, MD Winston-Salem, NC
Michael R Zenn, MD Durham, NC
Steven M Zoellner, MD Pinehurst, NC