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Dr. Jeffrey Poulter

Among cosmetic surgeons in Bloomington, Illinois and surrounding areas, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey S. Poulter is renowned for his experience and abilities. Dr. Poulter will treat you with the respect, care, and attention that you deserve, and will create results that help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. Serving patients at two locations in Bloomington and Peoria, this plastic surgeon and his highly qualified staff truly put the patient’s safety, comfort, and care above all else.

Plastic Surgery with Dr. Poulter
If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of specific areas of your face or body, Dr. Poulter may have the ideal procedure to enhance those areas, including:

  • Body Contouring - Dr. Poulter has extensive training in advanced body contouring procedures, and uses innovative yet proven techniques to treat your areas of concern. Some of the most popular procedures include liposuction, abdominoplasty, and body lifting after massive weight loss.
  • Enhancing your Breasts - With experience performing thousands of breast procedures, Dr. Poulter is known for his artful eye, surgical precision and natural looking results. Dr. Poulter offers a variety of procedures in which he can change the size, shape, and position of your breasts. These include breast enlargement, breast lift, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction procedures, all using advanced techniques for optimal results.
  • Facial Rejuvenation - Dr. Poulter has extensive training and experience performing facial rejuvenation procedures which include face lifts, brow lifts, eyelid surgery, ear surgery, and rhinoplasty. He customizes each procedure for optimal outcomes with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Jeffrey Poulter, MD

1505 Eastland, Dr. Suite 350

Bloomington, IL 61701

Phone: (309) 663-1222

Senara Health and Healing Center

2208 W. Willow Knolls Road

Peoria, IL 61614

Phone:(309) 692-6869

Toll Free:(888) 841-4108


Body Breast
Liposuction Breast Implants
Abdominoplasty Breast Lift
Body Lifting Breast Reduction
Post Weight Loss Surgery Breast Reconstruction
Facial Rejuvenation Medical Spa Services
Face Lift BOTOX® Cosmetic
Brow Lift Dermal Fillers
Eyelid Lift Juvederm
Ear Surgery Laser Vein Treatment
Laser Resurfacing Laser Hair Removal
Rhinoplasty Laser Skin Resurfacing

Medical Spa Services

If you are looking for a skin treatment for wrinkles, sun damaged skin, folds or creases, or discoloration, Pr. Poulter and his staff also offer you a variety of medical spa treatments. These treatments are either administered or supervised by Dr. Poulter in a serene yet high-tech spa environment. Treatments include:

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing
  • Laser Vein Treatment
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Skin Care Products

Your Surgery Suite

Dr. Poulter and his staff understand that your health and comfort are of the utmost importance, and they focus on providing the highest standard of care during each procedure. His state of the art surgery suite utilizes the latest technology in a soothing, luxurious setting. The cosmetic surgery suite consists of a fully equipped pre-op and post-op recovery room with patient warming systems and compression boots to aid in preventing blood clots. The Campus at Eastland Medical Plaza also offers:

  • X-ray department
  • Medical laboratory
  • Physical Therapy Department
  • Facility for overnight accommodations for further monitoring
  • Connection to hospital for any emergency treatment required
  • Cafeteria, wellness center, and gift shop

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Poulter and Staff, Thank you very much, for my “new look.” I love it! I have received more compliments about my appearance in the last few weeks than I have received in my lifetime. Thank you also goes to your entire staff. I was always treated with great courtesy and kindness and with the utmost confidentiality. During my first few visits after my surgery, I especially appreciated the secure, private entrance. It wasn’t a time that I wanted to encounter a lot of people. I especially want to thank those who were present during my actual surgery and recovery. Dr. Poulter, your skills are amazing and I am thrilled with the results! - Forever Grateful

Dr. Poulter and his team: Thank you, Thank you! You all are wonderful. I’m filled with gratitude for your office! Everyone was so nice and pleasant, patient and accommodating! From my initial visit to the follow-up! Special care was taken at all times, from the multiple visits, multiple sizers, right down to the heated gown and foot massager! Dr. Poulter, you were so thorough and personable, never rushing to your next appointment. And, then you waiting on me surgery day. I don’t think I’ve ever had a doctor waiting for me. The nurses, receptionist, and accountant are all fabulous as well. Helpful and pleasant! And then to put icing on the cake-I love the robe! And a Victoria Secret bra!! Wow! That was fun! Thanks, now I know my size- I’d had no idea. I’m not one to keep my mouth shut and I’ve been telling everyone how fantastic your office is. The special treatment you give! I told them, do not shop around for cost comparisons-just get to Poulter and know you get what you want. Oh, and I love, LOVE my implants! I can’t stop looking at them. Although, I thought they were a large B or small C-the bra says a D. Whatever letter they are-I love them!! Thanks for making my 20-year-old dream come true! J.H.

Dear Dr. Poulter, I really appreciate all the time you spent with me explaining the many details of my procedure. You made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole process. I’m so glad I found you to do my surgery! -Thanks again!

Dr. Poulter- I still can’t believe how great I look! You gave me back my body of years back-and then some. To say I’m thrilled is certainly an understatement. And to think of what you went through helping me to understand and make the decision. I also have to mention your entire staff, they are all the best I’ve ever encountered in such a professional environment. I can’t say enough about how I was treated from day one-and all of my visits in-between. You should be proud!

Dear Dr. Poulter, I really appreciate all the time you spent with me explaining the many details of my procedure. You made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole process. I’m so glad I found you to do my surgery! Thanks again Thank you Doctor for your excellent treatment (s) in my time of need. I’d like to thank your staff people, too. Best wishes. J.B.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. N.C & N.M.

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the great care I received from everyone. Things couldn’t have gone more smoothly! You all were very kind and considerate. These baskets are filled with some goodies for over the Thanksgiving holiday. After all, that is what we are is very thankful! J&E K.

Dr. Poulter & staff, Thank you once again for everything you did for me when I had surgery. You are all so kind and caring. You are a terrific team!

Sincerely, J.P.

I am so thankful to all of you for the excellent care I received. Your always positive and uplifting spirit have made this healing process so easy for me. God bless you all. May he bring good health and much happiness to you all this Christmas season and throughout the years. P.H.

Dr. Poulter and Staff, Just wanted to say thank you for all of your kindness before, during and after my surgery. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the care I received from all of you. Thanks Again, T.F.

Dear Dr. Poulter and all your wonderful staff members, When I first came into your office, I was depressed and unsure of myself and uncomfortable in my own skin. I just wanted to write to you and express my thanks to you for giving me a new lease on my life. You have a group of kind and caring staff members and all of you made me feel comfortable from the first moment to the last moment. Your kindness and understanding and yes the breast reduction have renewed my confidence. I feel like a new person and it is all thanks to you. A lot of the pain that I had is gone now. I can breath better and my clothes are fitting me better. I love when people who have not seen me in awhile are amazed by what you did. Every time I get a compliment, I tell them that Dr. Poulter did my surgery. I feel that I can take on any challenge and that has brought my self-esteem back to where I needed it. It means the world to me on how much you did for me and were willing to help me. I don’t know if I can ever repay you for what you have done in my life. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the breast reduction and my new life. Yours Truly- D. P-A.

Dr. Poulter & staff, Everything about your office was wonderful. From the first phone call everything was great. I really appreciate all of you for making us feel so comfortable during a difficult time for us! Thanks Again, A.J. & M.C.

Dr. Poulter & Staff- I’m sorry if this card may appear a bit “tacky” but I simply could not resist!! Thank you, wonderful Dr. Poulter, for all the many ways you’ve made my life so much better and happier. I truly am so grateful and appreciative. Please don’t ever leave us for “the big time” in some big city. We are so lucky to have you here for us. Devoted Forever - B.C.

Dear Dr. Poulter, Thanks so very, very much for your tender loving care and for sharing your wonderful talent with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole adventure. I hope that our story will encourage others. You and your staff made the whole experience fun and comfortable. Best wishes to all of you.

Dr. Poulter, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of your care and concern for me during the past two weeks. You and your staff have been absolutely wonderful through everything! You should be very proud of yourself, your work and everyone that works with you. I feel like I am more than a patient every time I walk in the door. Please share my thoughts with everyone and when you need a “quick fix” the M&M’s will do the trick. Thanks so very much again and I really love the new me.

Dear Dr. Poulter, I’m sure you must get letters like this all the time, but I really want to let you know how much you have changed my life. A breast augmentation to many people would seem like a vain and unnecessary thing to do. To me, it will change so much about myself. I’ve never been comfortable showing parts of my body to my husband, or even changing clothes in a locker room. My self-confidence has suffered my entire life due to not feeling comfortable about my body. I have felt this way since high school.

I’m so glad that after all these years; I finally made the decision to do this. It wasn’t until I found a doctor that I felt comfortable with and trusted. As soon as I met you I knew I would be in good hands. I never once felt like I was making the wrong decision.

I have noticed that my relationship with my husband is already changing for the better. He took such good care of me during my recovery and I felt so comfortable letting him see my body. This has never occurred before. Having done this will greatly improve my relationship with my husband, who already thought I was beautiful to begin with. You have the most wonderful staff surrounding you. I would never have been able to go through this without the professionalism and respect your staff had shown me. It’s not a comfortable process to go through, but I always felt respected and reassured.

Again, I just want to thank you for truly changing my life. I hope you know what a difference you make in people’s lives. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who ever considers cosmetic surgery. Please let your staff know how much I appreciate all their kindness. They will always be remembered in my heart. I wish you and your family a wonderful and blessed Christmas. Sincerely, S.A.