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Dr. Michael Diaz

Dr. Michael Diaz, Orlando Plastic Surgeon
A Melbourne plastic surgeon specializing in breast enhancement and body contouring surgery, Dr. Michael Diaz is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is dedicated to helping women and men achieve their aesthetic goals, helping them to enhance their self-image and confidence.

Care & Compassion
At Diaz Plastic Surgery we treat you like a close friend and not just a patient. Dr. Diaz truly cares for the wellbeing of each person he treats and takes a holistic approach to their care that begins before surgery and continues well afterwards.

Dr. Michael Diaz

1513 South Harbor City Blvd

Melbourne, FL 32901

Phone: (321) 951-2639

Fax: (321) 914-0938



Breast Augmentation

- Saline implants

- Silicone gel implants

Breast Lift

Breast Reduction

Breast Surgery Revision

Breast Reconstruction


Tummy Tuck


Mommy Makeover

Body, Arm & Thigh Lifts

Medical Spa

BOTOX® Cosmetic

Injectable fillers

Education & Training

An impressive education along with rigorous training set the foundation for Dr. Diaz’s refined surgical abilities. Highlights include:

  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency and Chief Residency: University of Massachusetts Medical Center
  • General Surgery Internship, Residency and Clinical Fellowship: University of Miami Jackson Memorial Medical Center
  • Medical Degree: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

In addition, Dr. Diaz has been an Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery in Orlando, Florida at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine since 2009.

Breast & Body Specialist

As a breast and body specialist, Dr. Diaz customizes each procedure to achieve a natural-looking result that reflects your inner vision. His breast enhancement procedures include:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift
  • Breast reduction

Body contouring surgery can eliminate sagging skin and areas of excess fat to help you look more attractive and motivate you to continue a healthy lifestyle. Popular options for the body include:

Revision Surgery

Dr. Diaz offers years of experience and support for patients who wish to revise the results from a previous cosmetic surgery procedure. He has restored an attractive appearance to many people who have been dissatisfied with the results of their liposuction, tummy tucks, breast reduction, or breast augmentation in the Orlando area.

Medical Spa Treatments

Whether you want to complement your surgical results or renew your facial features without surgery, Dr. Diaz offers popular medical spa services. He personally performs BOTOX® Cosmetic and injectable filler treatments to provide his patients with the peace-of-mind and precision that goes along with a board-certified plastic surgeon’s touch.

Patient Testimonials

Breast Reconstruction

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2010, my general surgeon recommended Dr. Michael Diaz for my breast reconstruction. Although I was to have a bilateral mastectomy, initially I was reluctant to have reconstruction. My husband and I met with Dr. Diaz and his staff to listen to the details. Dr. Diaz and Naomi were both compassionate, attentive listeners. I felt they heard my reservations and fears. I never felt compelled to go through the procedure; rather, Dr. Diaz laid out all the information, gave his opinion, and allowed me to feel welcomed to decline his services. My husband and I left the office that day to discuss my options and feelings in private. I decided that breast reconstruction was the right choice, and we both felt that from the great emotional support from Dr. Diaz and his staff, we had chosen the right doctor to perform the procedure.

“I couldn’t have been happier with Dr. Diaz. I am in my mid-fifties and had had four major non-elective operations before being diagnosed with breast cancer. At my age, I have interacted with many doctors and a fair number of surgeons. I have never felt inclined to write about a doctor. Dr. Diaz is just that unusual.

“There are many examples of Dr. Diaz’s differences. He never rushes his patients. He truly listens and responds to all questions and concerns. Have you ever had a doctor call you the night before surgery and ask if you were okay? Dr. Diaz does that; furthermore, he gives you his personal cell phone number to call if you have any problems or concerns! When I had my first breast cancer operation, Dr. Diaz was right by my side even though he was not due to work on me until later on in the operation.

“Dr. Diaz cares about each and every patient. I had to see him every week for many months, and I observed that he treated every other patient with the same care and compassion with which he treated me. The doctor treats his patients as whole or total people, too. By that I mean he is very concerned about what the patient eats and does outside of the office to expedite healing. He is very interested in the total health and recovery of his patients. What’s more, he is a perfectionist about his work. My husband and I have been both shocked and delighted with what Dr. Diaz can do with the female body. He makes the horrible experience of losing both breasts much less painful. What’s more, I look better in my clothes now that I ever did with my own breasts. The doctor gave me tasteful new breasts (I’m a 34B), and in doing so, he enhanced my self esteem.

“In short, I could not have survived the ordeal of breast cancer without Dr. Diaz and his truly outstanding staff. The staff—particularly Naomi—are as dear as family with their patients. They all walk this journey with you, beside you. It is my hope that you, too, will choose to make the best out of a bad diagnosis by having Dr. Diaz as your breast reconstruction surgeon.”

Breast Reduction

“For many years I suffered from intense back and shoulder pain because of my large breasts. I was a double D cup size and my oversized breasts made it difficult to move around. My primary care physician recommended Dr. Diaz. I was always hesitant about having a breast reduction procedure because of my concern of surgery. When I met Dr. Diaz he immediately put me at ease. His kindness, compassion and understanding gave me the confidence I needed. I had my surgery and during my recovery I couldn’t believe his tender bedside manners. I wasn’t the easiest patient to deal with and yet he was so patient. He truly changed my life! I’m happier, healthier and love my new breasts. My only regret is that I didn’t have the procedure done sooner. Thank you Dr. Diaz from the bottom of my heart!”

Breast Augmentation with Dr. Diaz

“I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Diaz. His office staff was very professional and informative when I called the office to schedule my consult. On the day of my consult, Dr. Diaz spent a lot of time answering my many questions and addressing my concerns. He made me feel very comfortable and safe. I am so happy that I selected him as my doctor. I love my results! I’ve had so many compliments and would definitely refer any of my friends and family to him. He is such a great surgeon and cares so much for his patients.”

Breast Reconstruction

“Dr. Diaz is not only a magnificent surgeon, he is also kindhearted and takes pride on his work. Highly recommend Dr. Michael Diaz.”

Combined Procedures, Two Great Results: One Surgery & Recuperation Period

“I’m a mom of three beautiful children and while I’m thrilled with my little ones I’m was not with what was left of my body. I lost all the baby weight but had severe stretch marks, loose abdominal skin and sagging breasts that also needed a breast implant exchange. Because I’m a business owner and busy mom and wife; I was very concerned about the recovery time and the ability of one surgery addressing all my needs. It was very important for me to minimize my down time from the recovery period. I was highly recommended Dr. Diaz by several different people. He assured me I was a great candidate for a combined procedure. I decided to have a breast implant exchange with lift and a tummy tuck. I couldn’t be happier. He was amazing! And I couldn’t believe the personal attention I was given when he came to my house the night after the surgery to make sure I was doing fine. I have my pre mommy figure back and both my husband and I are thrilled!”

A Mommy Makeover Patient Says ‘Dr. Michael Diaz Changed My Life Forever!’

“I had previous liposuction of my abdomen and was left with some abnormalities that made me feel very uncomfortable. I heard that Dr. Michael Diaz specialized in Breast and Body cosmetic surgery so I decided to see him for a consultation. During the consult, he was very attentive and kind. He wasn’t judgemental at all — he only offered encouragement and support. He was so understanding during the consult that I decided to ask his opinion of my breasts as well as my abdomen. I ended up having a Mommy Makeover, which consisted of a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and breast lift. I couldn’t be happier with my results! Let’s just say, I”m on the up side of 40 and I feel more confident today than I ever have! He gave me the rejuvenation and courage that I needed to boost my self esteem. I will forever be grateful to him — he truly changed my life!!!!!”

Weight loss Triumph & Renewed Self

“I never thought it possible to lose over 100 lbs and have a beautiful figure. For most of my youth and adult life I always battled excess weight. When I first came to Dr. Diaz he recommended I see an endocrinologist and a primary care physician so I can begin a medically controlled weight-loss program. Dr. Diaz coordinated my weight loss management. The total process to lose the necessary weight was over 2 1/2 years. During this time Dr. Diaz kept close communication with all my doctors. After losing all the necessary weight Dr. Diaz recommended I have a full body lift procedure. His close personal attention and warm bedside manner were incredibly reassuring during my recovery process. He encouraged me every step of the way. Not only do I have a beautifully contoured figure but I have confidence and self-esteem I never knew possible. I feel I can conquer anything. I’m a better mom and wife and a more confident professional. I live a healthy and active lifestyle with daily exercise, diet and tennis playing. Dr. Diaz changed my life forever! His skill, compassion and warm approach are truly his gifts. When I heard Dr. Diaz was relocating his practice to Central Florida I felt a family member was moving away. No matter the distance he’ll always be my plastic surgeon!”

Amazing Man, Amazing Results!

“My experience with Dr. Diaz and his staff was absolutely phenomenal! From the very first consult, to the procedure, along with every follow-up visit all well exceeded my expectations. His consult was honest, compassionate and completely without pressure. Dr. Diaz has the best bedside manner I’ve ever experienced. He makes you feel so at ease and totally comfortable. He was available at ALL times, which I found very comforting. Not only is he so knowledgeable and experienced at what he does, yet what sets him above the rest is he truly strives for excellence in his work and it shows! He is not only making you feel better about yourself but also wants to be very proud of the work he has done. The personal attention and care I received from Dr. Diaz and his staff for my tummy tuck procedure I don’t believe one could find anywhere else. Everyone is always cheerful, taking their time with you to the extent you feel like old friends. In fact, I’m sad to think of when my follow-ups are through! I am elated with my results and the entire process! If you are ever considering a procedure, forget the rest because you’ve found the BEST!!”