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Dr. Eugene Kim

Dr. Eugene Kim prides himself on providing extraordinary plastic surgery results by focusing on quality care, exceptional service, and the drive to always improve. When you work with Dr. Kim, you can be confident that your unique needs and goals will always come first. Dr. Kim personalizes each procedure to ensure that you receive the best possible results.

During his many years of training, Dr. Kim has worked with renowned plastic surgeons throughout the country. Dr. Kim is dedicated to staying current on the most advanced and effective methods available. This training included many well-known plastic surgeons in the Newport Beach, California area including Dr. Rollin Daniel, a world-renowned rhinoplasty surgeon.

Dr. Kim has worked with a variety of patients and performed many different types of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Over time, Dr. Kim has fine-tuned his technique to achieve the best results for his patients’ unique needs.

Dr. Kim also has extensive experience working with a variety of different ethnicities, including Asian patients. He traveled to South Korea with Dr. Daniel in 2010 to attend a rhinoplasty conference, where he learned the most cutting-edge techniques used in Asian rhinoplasty. As a result, he is very sensitive to the specific needs of these patients.


Dr. Eugene Kim

436 North Bedford Drive, Suite 305

Beverly Hills, California 90210

Phone: (310) 271-6996


Body-Contouring Eyelid Surgery
Botox® Injections Facelift
Breast Augmentation Forehead Lift
Breast Implant Removal Laser Skin Resurfacing
Breast Lifts Lip Augmentation
Breast Reconstruction Liposuction
Breast Reduction Male Breast Reduction
Chin Surgery Rhinoplasty
Collagen Injections Thigh Lifts
Cosmetic Surgery Tummy Tucks
Ear Pinning Surgery Upper Arm Lifts