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Dr. David Sayah

Dr. David N. Sayah is a board-certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who focuses on delivering beautiful, natural results for every patient, combining the latest methods and technology with superior patient care.

Dr. Sayah believes in a whole-body approach, and keeps a nutritionist, exercise physiologist, internal medicine physician and lifestyle coach on staff, as well as offering a comprehensive patient guide online that covers all the details about every procedure his practice has to offer. He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and an Ambassador for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

After completing an undergraduate degree in biochemistry at UCLA, Dr. Sayah continued on to the UCLA School of Medicine, where he graduated with honors among the top of his class. In addition to achieving his board certification in plastic surgery, he is also fellowship-trained in endoscopic surgery.

Dr. Sayah continues exploring all the innovations that medical science has to offer his patients, specializing in cutting-edge approaches like endoscopic breast augmentation surgery and minimally invasive facelifts. He has also developed a targeted treatment for abnormal scar formation based on his extensive research in wound healing.

In addition to cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr. Sayah also specializes in reconstructive and plastic surgery, helping to make positive and lasting transformations in the lives of his patients. Dr. Sayah’s eye for aesthetics has been further trained by his own interests; he is a sculptor and oil painter who views science and medicine as an art as well.

Dr. David Sayah

436 North Bedford Drive, Suite 202

Beverly Hills, California 90210

Phone: 310-385-0000


Arm Lift

Body Lift

Breast Augmentation

Breast Lift

Breast Reduction

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Implant Revision

Brow Lift

Chin Implant

Ear Surgery

Eyelid Surgery



Male Breast Reduction

Neck Lift


Thigh Lift

Tummy Tuck

Patient Testimonials

We both want to thank you for all your friendship and your professional assistance these last months. M definitely has a better nose than what he started with. Thank you for your compassion and understanding as well. Both of us feel very comfortable in your presence. Thanks also to your staff they are so great to work with. You have a great practice and we will recommend you whenever we can to everyone we can. All my best, John

I find it hard to believe it is only two weeks since you operated on me. As you know I was a reluctant patient having had to have an accident to decide not only to “fix” my nose but have a lift at the same time. I am so grateful to my friend who recommended I see you. I have just come from a gathering of old friends, which I had been very nervous about, so afraid I would see a pained look; that “what has she done” expression. Instead I was overwhelmed with the positive response. There was no coyness, I just looked dare I say it, so good…the reaction was so supportive and admiring. Again after only two weeks. As I told you the first few days recovery were really difficult and trying, mostly because my energy was completely sapped and there was the anxiety I would never “be myself”, and all sorts of complicated feelings about “elective surgery. Well now I am myself, and while what’s on the inside counts, this outside looks pretty brilliant, you are indeed an artist. Thank you, Lois

Beginning August 2004 I had lipo of my tummy and flanks with Dr. Sayah…First of all I want to say I only had to take Tylenol 1x. The day of my surgery friends came by to visit and could not believe how bright eyed and bushy tailed I was…I was completely happy with the results. It was a bit uncomfortable only because it was summer and having to wear a garment 24 hours a day, and it was quite hot. That really was the worst of it. I have had lipo a few times and always bruised a lot but this time there was hardly any bruising…how did that happen? Any other surgery I will do in the future will be with Dr. Sayah. I have complete confidence in him. He is also highly ethical and will not compromise from what he feels is right. Dr. Sayah’s staff is very warm and friendly. - Deborah

I had the very best experience with Dr. Sayah and everyone in his practice that I could possibly hope for. When I discovered a leak in one of my breast implants, I was referred by my primary care doctor to Dr. David Sayah. The office scheduled a consultation for me that same day, and I was in surgery two days later to have my implants replaced. From the moment I called for the consultation, I felt completely cared for. The women in the front office, bent over backward to help me and make sure I had everything I needed to go through with the last minute surgery. Every phone call and every office visit has been a pleasure and I am fabulously happy with my final results. Dr. Sayah is an expert! I have already recommended him to my friends! – Jill

This is the first time I have experienced being treated with kindness by a surgeon and staff in regards to reconstructive surgery. The double mastectomy was performed originally by another doctor who was cold and did not seem concerned with my emotional wellbeing. I also had my implants replaced about 10 years ago by a different surgeon who I refuse to go back to. The office visits were very unpleasant and after fell into tears. He was abrupt and I was treated as if he was doing ME a favor. It was devastating, and Dr. Sayah has been SO kind and that is all I wanted. Yvonne, his receptionist and the rest of the staff in his office are absolutely remarkable. This office has made a huge difference in not just my physical recovery but also in my emotional recovery. – Jennifer

Dear Doctor David, Thank you. You are a brilliant surgeon and artist, the BEST and I am truly honored to be your patient. From the moment I met you, there was a knowing than you were the surgeon I’d been searching several years for. You suggested I go home and think about it. No need. I was in your surgical room the following week. Dr. David, you are more than the BEST surgeon—you are a blessing in so many ways. I am grateful the universe put you in my life. You are the light that allowed my heart to open and “see”. You not only gave me the most wonderful face lift and rhinoplasty, but you gave me a new perspective. Throughout the entire process you have had such a gift for making me feel I was your only patient. You were always available for questions or concerns—always precise and focused, never rushed or impatient. I am also grateful to all your staff for treating me with the most kindness while being extremely professional. I consider you all as dear friends and family. Dr. David, I love and admire you while having the utmost respect for your genius-You are a rare individual. Donatello, Michael Angelo, Bernini, Da Vinci, SAYAH….Yes, you are among the greatest artists. I am truly blessed to know you and be your patient. My deepest heartfelt gratitude. – Carol

I want to thank you all for your excellent and professional service during my recent surgery not only did the outcome exceed my expectations but the kindness and friendliness of everyone was spectacular. Thank you so much for making me feel so conformable and relaxed and thank you Dr. Sayah for the excellent results and advice. All my best. – Mary

Dear Dr. Sayah, last year on December 9 when you came in to do my breast reduction, you had told me it was your birthday. Today as you celebrate your birthday, I am celebrating my first year of being cancer free because of you. It may be your birthday but you have given me the gift of two new beautiful breasts and a whole new beginning of my life, for that I will be forever grateful. I cannot thank you and your wonderful staff enough for all the care and compassion you all have given me this past year. Have a wonderful birthday. – Suzanne