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Male Procedures

Gynecomastia TreatmentGynecomastia
Liposuction of the male breast is one of the four areas on men most commonly treated by liposuction. Men with excessive fat in their breasts are good candidates for liposuction. The normal male breast contains both fat tissue and glandular tissue. True breast tissue in males is typically a small localized lump located immediately under the nipple that is more firm than the surrounding fatty tissue. It is easy to remove fatty breast tissue by liposuction, but much more difficult to remove glandular tissue.
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Liposuction for MenLiposuction
A good candidate for liposuction is close to their ideal body weight, wants to remove specific areas of fat that are diet- and exercise-resistant (fat pockets in the abdomen, arms, knees, inner thighs, love handles, neck, outer thighs and has good skin tone and elasticity. There are two basic techniques used in liposuction: tumescent and ultrasonic. Both techniques share core surgical elements. SmartLipo is another technique that many doctors offer. You will need to discuss your options with a board certified plastic surgeon.
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Rhinoplasty for MenRhinoplasty
Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is one of the top three plastic surgery procedures. Rhinoplasty may be performed in order to increase the patient’s ability to breath and/or to improve the appearance nose by reshaping it. There are two main options for the incisions that your plastic surgeon can use: closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty.
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Eyelid Surgery for MenEyelid Surgery
Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, will remove excess fat, muscle and skin from the upper and lower eyelids. It improves drooping lids and puffy eyes. In some cases only upper lid surgery is performed and sometimes only lower lid surgery. Upper and lower procedures can also be performed at the same time.
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In 2010, men had over 750,000 cosmetic procedures. The number of cosmetic procedures for men has increased over 88% since 1997. Research the top plastic surgery procedures for men including gynecomastia, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery. View before and after galleries.

Eyelid Surgery