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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Information

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What is a breast reduction?
What are the different reasons for having breast reduction surgery?
How much does breast reduction cost?

What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is the surgical process of decreasing the size of a woman’s breasts. The procedure may involve some reshaping of the breast as well. Another name for breast reduction is reduction mammoplasty (also called reduction mammaplasty).

Breast reduction for men is known as gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is an increasingly popular surgical procedure. Learn more about gynecomastia.

In a breast reduction procedure, the size and weight of the breast is decreased by the removal of fat and glandular tissue located within the breast. After the excess breast tissue is removed, the patient will have excess skin. The plastic surgeon will then remove the excess skin that results from the decreased volume of the breast, giving the breast the best cosmetic appearance.

Occasionally, a patient combines a breast lift with a breast reduction to treat the ptosis (sagging of the breast) that may be more prevalent when a large amount of breast tissue is removed. The breast lift may also lessen the normal ptosis that occurs as we age.

What are the different reasons why someone would have a breast reduction?

Common reasons for having a breast reduction surgery are related to the discomfort and physical limitations which result from having breasts that are very large and heavy, or disproportionately large compared to a woman’s body size. Back pain is commonly reported by those in need of breast reduction. If a woman’s breasts are too large or too heavy, she may feel limited in her ability to engage in sports and other physical exercise. This decreased level of physical activity may result in additional weight gain, making the problem even worse. Any weight gain may also increase the level of back pain and general discomfort caused by heavier breasts.

As mentioned, a breast reduction can greatly increase the quality of life for the appropriate candidate. By reducing the weight and volume of the breast, the patient may experience significant improvements in lifestyle. The improvements are not limited to increased physical capabilities and decreased physical discomfort; some patients report greater mental well-being resulting from an improved self image.

Reshaping the breasts and creating a more physically proportionate body shape are aesthetic goals involved in breast reduction. The patient and the surgeon will decide how much of a breast reduction is optimal to achieve this more balanced and aesthetically pleasing body shape.

Breast reduction is one of the more common reconstructive surgery procedures. The popularity of this procedure has continued to build over the last decade. Breast reduction surgery has experienced a 6% increase in the last year. Source:

What will it cost to have a breast reduction?

No two patients are alike, so an in-person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is needed to get your best estimate. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the U.S. national average surgeon fee for a breast reduction in women for the year 2010 was $5,384*.

*This represents only the average for the surgeon’s fee. It does not include the charges of the anesthesiologist, the surgical facility, or for other related costs.

Working with a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon is an essential part of a successful breast reduction procedure. Use our extensive nationwide directory to find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.

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