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SAFELipo is a relatively new body contouring process that allows for natural-appearing results from even larger volume liposuction. This technique was developed in the early 2000s by Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Shreveport, Louisiana. During this time, Dr. Wall noticed a troubling increase in revisionary liposuction cases. Though most liposuction patients are satisfied with their results, some experience complications including wavy skin, dents, and dermal adhesions, which occur when the skin makes contact with the underlying fascia. This can result in an uneven, rippled appearance.

Dr. Wall developed SAFELipo to effectively address these revisionary cases. He hoped that his new form of liposuction would deliver the beautiful results that his revision patients desired the first time around. After several months of incorporating SAFELipo into his practice, Dr. Wall realized that the benefits of SAFELipo – improved comfort, precision, and results – applied to primary liposuction as well.

So how exactly does SAFELipo work? This patented procedure uses a distinctive 3-step process to loosen fat before aspiration, then sculpt a healthy, smooth layer of fat in the treatment area.

1. Separation: After the initial incision is made, the surgeon uses a special tool called a basket cannula to loosen and emulsify the targeted fat, making it easy to remove later. Power-assisted liposuction, or PAL, is also used during this step to separate the fat globules from one another and the surrounding structures. Since SAFELipo doesn’t use or generate heat, there is no heat damage to surrounding tissues.

2. Aspiration: The aspiration step is the step that most people associate with liposuction. During aspiration, the targeted fat is suctioned out of the body using a thin cannula. Because the fat was loosened during the first stage of SAFELipo, it’s easier to remove during this stage, resulting in reduced bruising and bleeding. A thinner cannula during this step also reduces scarring and the risks of incision-related complications.

3. Fat Equalization: During the final step of SAFELipo, the remaining layer of fat is sculpted into a smooth blanket that lives between the skin and the muscle. During this step, the surgeon again enlists the help of PAL to smooth the remaining fat without additional suction. By taking the time to re-shape the patient’s remaining fat, the surgeon minimizes the risks of contour irregularities, which are unsightly complications that include dimpling and wrinkled skin.

Like other forms of liposuction, the results of SAFELipo can last indefinitely, provided that the patient commits him or herself to a healthy lifestyle. SAFELipo can be performed on the same areas of the body that are helped by traditional liposuction, including the upper arms, back, neck, thighs, and more.

Since its creation, dozens of surgeons throughout the United States and abroad have adopted SAFELipo for use in their own practices, citing excellent results and high levels of patient satisfaction. To find a doctor who offers SAFELipo near you, visit the Find a Doctor page on the SAFELipo website.

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